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The Christmas season is a wonderful time to get your family together and enjoy learning about the special ways in which the countries of Central and South America and the Caribbean celebrate Christmas. For only $15, you’ll get a fascinating collection full of traditions, recipes, songs and more!

In a nutshell, this is a collection of digital resources specifically designed to kindle togetherness around the holidays and to show how other cultures celebrate the holiday season. If you are looking for ways to keep your family’s Spanish learning goals going in a fun and inviting way around Christmas time, this collection is for you!

Take a small peek at some of the resources included:

Curated by 11 creative and thoughtful contributors who worked together to bring you a fantastic collection of resources made with your family in mind. You will find unit studies, flashcards, geography resources, Loteria (memory match game), recipes, Christmas carols, crafts and more!

The Spanish Collective Holiday Collection is packed with beautiful, colorful, and fun resources that will cover a variety of countries and cultural facts. From now through December 12th, you can purchase this collection for only $15. Our collection is a fun way to spend quality family time exploring and learning about the world.

See What’s Included!

Manualidades Navideñas / Christmas Baking by My Texas Homeschool:
In Christmas Crafts/Manualidades Navidenas you will: Read about about Las Posadas, La Vispera de los Reyes, and Nochebuena; Create A Las Posadas “Countdown Calendar” Craft and, Design A Vispera de Reyes Treat Box Craft.

In this Christmas baking unit study, you will:
Learn 12 new cooking based vocabulary words (flashcards are in Spanish & English)
Write your new vocabulary words
Match vocabulary words
Write new adjectives to describe Christmas treats you love
Use your five senses to describe your favorite Christmas treats
Use bilingual writing prompts to write about baking together

Christmas in Chile by Mama Chilanga Spanish:

Dive into the beautiful Christmas traditions of Chile! You will learn about the weather, traditions, food, drinks, music, and crafts. Along the way you will also learn some helpful Spanish vocabulary and phrases you can use in day to day life. This package includes: Christmas in Chile unit, Christmas vocabulary (in Spanish) flashcards, 4 Christmas Bible verses in Spanish (NTV version) and a link to the Christmas story told in Spanish for Kids, South America map activity.

Las Posadas by The Escobar Schoolhouse:

Ready to see what posadas in Guatemala  are and look like?! We’ve got you covered! From recipes to fun games to play with your littles this holiday season. Included you will find: The posadas unit study, 3 Main Recipes used all over Guatemala, Songs, 3 part cards, clip cards, nativity puzzle, build your own nativity scene, memory match game, And of course everything is bilingual

My first Christmas in El Salvador by Cafe con Letras Homeschool:

Pack up your bags and join Clara in her first Christmas in the Land of Volcanoes: El Salvador.
This simple and beautiful mini unit comes in a short story format, and it includes: Tracing and writing activities, word formation, counting, cut and paste activities. drawing, singing and a delicious recipe!

La Navidad by Mama Llama Linguist:

Learn how Christmas is celebrated in the Hispanic culture! This beautifully illustrated thematic unit includes: An Activity Pack including: tracing, letter recognition, phonics, counting cards, puzzles, bingo, poetry, a heart-warming short story and coloring pages. Water-colored Vocabulary Flashcards; A Digital Magazine in Spanish with cultural readings, recipes and handcrafts true to the Latin American holiday traditions; A Christmas Music Playlist in Spanish; Audio playlist with vocabulary pronunciation guides; ‘adivinanzas’ (guessing game) and audio story.

Amigo Bilingue Holiday Bundle:

To raise bilingual children it is important to remember that language and culture are inextricably linked, so it is important to teach the cultural diversity that languages offer. Learning about other countries and their cultures broadens children’s horizons, helps them to be more respectful of cultural differences and to create empathy towards others. This package brings traditions from two different countries: Puerto Rico and Colombia. Package includes: Puerto Rico: Build your own box of “tres Reyes”, Coquito Piragua Recipe (family version), Colombia, Traditional song: El burrito sabanero, Put the tail and the star on the donkey of Belen, Aguinaldos (4 fun games for the family at Christmas). BONUS: 4 boards of Christmas Loteria and Coloring Pages

Holidays in guatemala/ Tradiciones navideñas de Guatemala by Raising Faithful Littles:

Learn about the holidays traditions on this beautiful country. From traditional dishes, to traditional celebrations, culture and songs. This mini study of Guatemala’s holidays celebrations would bring your family together to explode and cook together some delicious Guatemalan food.

Christmas in Peru by Creciendo Together:

Peru is a beautiful country filled with its own Christmas traditions. In this mini unit, you will find information, video links, recipes and activity ideas that will help you and your students learn more about how this special holiday is celebrated here.

La Navidad Around South America by Spanish at Cedar Hill:

South American countries share several things in common, including traditions around the holidays. La Navidad around South America is a collection of interesting facts about the different ways people from countries in South America celebrate the Christian holiday season. This volume will cover three beautiful countries: Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Included you will find information about each country as well as recipes, songs, crafts, etc. You will also find a fun little surprise! We hope this resource brings joy to your family around the holiday season and it sparks your family’s’ desire to learn and try some of the activities included!

Viajeritos by Baby devotions:

This is a pint-sized version of our Viajeros magazine, perfect for younger siblings. Pages include: Photographs of babies celebrating Christmas, simple retelling of the Christmas story, a road trip game even the youngest in the family can play, age-appropriate activity pages, lyrics to ‘Mi Burrito Sabanero’ with a QR code to give a listen, QR code to the Viajeros Christmas playlist. All pages are in Spanish and English, so no matter your family’s language dynamic, everyone can enjoy learning about Navidad juntos. Files include a full-sized 8.5×11 for those wishing to store pages in binder. As well as a booklet form with each page being half a pages. Can be easily printed double sided, and folded in the middle for easy transportation in a toddler backpack.

Pesebres by Explora Bookazine:

In this bookazine “Pesebres” we will explore this common tradition in all the Spanish speaking countries.  Activities and articles were written for curious kids that love to explore the world.

Feliz Navidad Mini unit study by Making Family Count:

This Mini Unit Study will Include:  PDF, Companion Journal PDF, History of the Song Feliz Navidad, Composer Study of Jose Feliciano, Geography, Creative/Lyric writing, Craft Ideas.

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No problem. Let us help you! We have created an e-book that will organize the resources of this collection in a unique and thoughtful way so you can get the most value out of the material included. You will find every resource linked to a PDF and a table showing which resource contains recipes, which one has crafts, games and activities, songs, pronunciation/audioplaylists, and so on. We hope you enjoy this perk!

We hope this collection brings your family a joyful way to incorporate Spanish this holiday season!


The Spanish Collective Holiday Collection was brought to you by a lovely group of creative and thoughtful ladies!