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In a nutshell, a learning bundle is a collection of digital resources. This specific bundle was designed to support families interested in the Spanish Language. Whether you intend to preserve your heritage by teaching your kids or expand your horizons by learning a second language, this bundle is for you!

Take a small peek at some of the resources included:

Curated by 20 creative and thoughtful contributors who worked together to bring you a fantastic collection of resources made with your students in mind. You will find unit studies, flashcards, morning basket resources, games, outdoor activities, and more!!!

The Spanish Collective Bundle is packed with beautiful, colorful, and fun resources that will cover a variety of subjects and topics. From now through September 21st, you can purchase this collection for only $18. Our bundle is versatile and can be used with multiple ages; children ages 3 to 12 would benefit from it.

See What’s Included!

Aventuras Del Abecedario (Parte 1): A literature-based Pre-K phonics program for learning the alphabet in SPANISH. This is Part 1 of the program, covering the first half of the alphabet, A-M. Part 2 of this program is available on our website. This program is designed for your child who is ready to move beyond playing with letters and simple exposure to the alphabet, and onto systematic mastery of the letters as representations of sounds. It’s perfect for the child who has begun to crave something more than open-ended play and practice with life skills, but isn’t yet ready for the rigor of kindergarten reading curriculum. This pre-reading curriculum incorporates life skills, music, and interactive activity pages, as well as picture books. Over the course of the 28 weeks of this program (Parts 1 and 2) you and your child will enjoy 50-75+ picture books together. What a wealth of literature for your Pre-K student to enjoy and learn from!

Let’s go to a Mexican Bakery: In this playful learning pack, you will learn all about Mexican pan dulce – the pastries of Mexico. You can set up your own bakery with a papel picado banner, menu, receipts, and pan dulce of all kinds. You can also play an original game Llena la bandeja (fill the tray) or practice math skills by totaling orders for your customers and using price tags to learn to count by 25s. This fun activity pack will help the whole family learn about a cultural institution of Mexico, its history, and have fun playing in the process!

The Prokaryote Cell Mini unit study: A fascinating topic for many elementary aged children is to further their understanding of living organisms. Dive into this topic by learning about the most primitive form of living organism that continues to exist today, the Prokaryote Cell. This product includes Picture Cards with the name of the part of the cell as well as, Definition Cards that explain the function of each part of the Prokaryote Cell. There is also a “Who Am I” Game included and a poster 8×11 with an image of the Prokaryote Cell and labeled parts. Enjoy!

Spanish curriculum Level one Activity Pack: Children can have fun playing with these resources while learning Spanish. PLUS 1 week’s worth of scripted lesson plans with accompanying worksheets from the beginner level of our curriculum. Parents (or teachers) can easily follow the script and use the accompanying worksheets to teach their kiddos Spanish. 

Spanish at Cedar Hill Our Daily Binder is intended for parents looking for a way to review foundational concepts with their young students daily. It’s designed with a Bilingual focus so parents can easily incorporate Spanish practice during their time together.

La Pequeña Granja: This Unit study was created for all families; whether you’re a Spanish learner or fluent Spanish speaker. This unit includes interacting vocabulary cards, handwriting, Math, Science plus a LOTERIA game. Everything it’s in Spanish. You and your entire family would enjoy learning alongside your kids! We hope you have as much fun as we did learning about all the different animals and things you can find at the farm.

Story Exploration Guide I The Trumpet of the Swan: Travel to the wonderful world of the story “The Trumpet of the Swan” and learn through it. This Exploration Guide includes 5 weeks of activities designed for young readers ages 5-8. Some of the activities are: Nature Studies Geographic Studies Poetry Music Art/Craft Project Writing/First Words Flashcards Cooking School

¡Hola Naturaleza! Spanish Nature Activity Pack: All the motivation you need to get outside, no matter the weather! With fun nature themed activity cards, a Spanish scavenger hunt, and printable Spanish nature journal pages – this will bring new ideas to your language learning at home while you explore outside.

Descubre el mundo de los Insectos: The world of insects is such a beautiful and fascinating place– that’s why we have created a Spanish/ English insect unit. This unit includes facts about insects, the anatomy of insects, activity ideas, crafts, cute vocabulary flashcards, an insect journal, and a link to online flashcards with pronunciation audio. This unit is suitable for kids ages 5-12 although I think any age would love to tag along! 

Llamitas Spanish : Los Animales Polares- A thematic unit about animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic. Includes: Activity pack, flashcards and native speaker audio.

Cuentos Locos y Adivinanzas: Cuentos Locos is a word game that involves filling in blanks to complete a silly story. It can be completed as a group or individually. Adivinanzas is a set of flashcards with a riddle and an answer. They can be used in many ways to add fun and laughter to any bilingual setting.

Versos: Antología para las estaciónes: A collection of seasonal songs and poems for Spanish immersion enrichment

Spanish Morning Time Plans: Our Spanish Morning Time Plans, are ten week seasonally-themed Morning Time Plan that support Spanish language learning at home. ​​These plans pull together resources from all over Latin America in a self-contained, easy to use resource with a focus on deepening language proficiency through exposure to music, literature, and high-frequency vocabulary.

Spanish Children’s Books & Crafts: 10 Language-Enriching Crafts Based on Spanish Children’s Books: A digital learning guide featuring 10 bilingual and/or Spanish children’s book recommendations and language-enriching crafts to go along with them. Decide which featured books you’d like to read with your children. Next, check them out from the library or easily order them online using the included QR codes. After sharing a read-aloud with your child, turn to the learning guide for suggested reading questions and fun literacy activities to complete with your child. Instructions and visuals of finished craft projects, a master supply list, and templates included for each craft project (so don’t worry if you’re not artistic!). Spanish learners will benefit from translated keyword list and pronunciation recordings and language-enrichment tips from a bilingual speech-language pathologist.

FTLOH El Arco Iris Math Activities

  • Counting Worksheets
  • Number Recognition Worksheets
  • Number Tracing
  • Count & Clip Cards 1 – 12
  • Matching Worksheets
  • Patterning Worksheet
  • Graphing Worksheets
  • Simple Addition & Subtraction Problems
  • Number & Shape Flashcards
  • Addition & subtraction Rainbow Game
  • Color Matching activity and worksheet

Let’s go to the taco shop: Set up your own taqueria – named “Taqueria a La Orden.” Your taco shop comes with a tracing menu to practice Spanish food items, paper taco play items, an original game (A la Orden), receipts, order slips, an “abierto/cerrado” sign, and a papel picado “La Taqueria” banner! 

Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids: Bilingual English and Spanish positive affirmation cards to print and use with children – at home, at school, or on the go. You’ll get 18 English and 18 Spanish pocket-sized, colorful positive affirmation cards. Also included are two printable posters with 50 positive affirmations to use with your children – in English and Spanish! Fit to page before printing.

With Love from Guatemala: A Bilingual Recipe Collection- Immerse your family in Spanish and connect with Guatemala through 12 authentic recipes. Enjoy the delightful aroma from your infusión de cáscara de piña. Prepare tamalitos de chipilín with an herb whose use dates back to ancient Maya times, or cool off with a refreshing bebida de pepino, a delicious cucumber drink. Each recipe in Spanish is mirrored by a complete English translation on a separate page to allow families from different language backgrounds to fill their kitchens with warmth and joy and create lasting memories with these Guatemalan recetas. Dive deeper and continue exploring this beautiful country with recommended books, music, and links to learn more about the indigenous languages and art of Guatemala, included at the end of this recipe book. Designed for families of all ages.

Español Jugando by Amigo Bilingue: Learning a language should be an enjoyable and happy experience. Even though children’s brain has the capacity to learn many languages, the method we use has an important role in the efficacy of the process. The best method to naturally teach a child is through play. This bundle provides a set of games you can use to incorporate vocabulary related to different topics. It contains three different sets of Loteria and Matching games from different themes, providing a total of 86 words that can be learned and reviewed while playing. It also has four rhyme cards and 4 coloring pages featuring some of the Amigo Bilingue characters.

Flashcards in Spanish: 200+ Printable Double Sided Language Flashcards Introducing Over 20 Different Topics that are familiar to your child.AS HOMESCHOOL REOURCE

FTLOH Ciclo de vida de la abeja: Qué Incluye:

  • Life Cycle Information Poster (Spanish & English) 
  • Afiche de información del ciclo de vida
  • Life Cycle Posters (Spanish)
  • Pósteres y rueda del ciclo de vida
  • Flashcards & 3 Part Cards (Spanish)
  • Flashcards y tarjetas de 3 partes
  • Make Your Own Flashcards & 3 Part Cards
  • Tarjetas didácticas y tarjetas de 3 partes
  • Butterfly Observation Journal 
  • Diario de observación del ciclo de vida de la mariposa
  • Hojas de trabajo
  • Extension Activities
  • Actividades de extensión: Incluye libros, videos, manualidades, páginas para colorear y más para ampliar su aprendizaje

My bilingual Morning Menu: A bilingual morning menu for your littles to use during morning time or as a review. It includes -Cover sheet -I can write my name editable page -2 options for calendar work. One with dotted numbers and words and the other left blank for older kiddos to fill in. -Days of the week -Seasons -Weather


This bilingual Camping bundle has been designed for those families interested in incorporating Spanish into their children’s daily lives. It’s packed with so many hands-on activities the entire family will enjoy. We believe that children learn best when they are playing. Whether you’re a Spanish native speaker or are barely learning Spanish, these activities will bring hours and days of fun. It has been designed with all children in mind whether they would be Small to big.

Spanish at Cedar Hill Pajaros/Una unidad de estudio Bilingüe: Do your kids ever ask you: “What is the biggest bird in America?” “Which bird is the tallest or the smallest?” “Which is the slowest bird” “What is the smallest bird in the U.S?” With our unit study, your children will immerse in the beautiful world of birds, learning basic important information like what makes a bird-a bird, its lifecycle, its anatomy, and more. Included, you will find a pack of fun activities for the student to practice what they are learning and put their senses to use as they explore, create, and study our feathery friends. You’ll also find eight colorful and inviting flashcards (English and Spanish editions included) with interesting facts that will help you answer those inquisitive questions your students are wondering about!

Lecciones de lectura con poemas (Mariposa del aire): 8 reading lessons step by step with childrens’ poetry using the Charlotte Mason Method. Includes the lessons plan, cards for the words and the poem and audio of the poem beautifully recited. Also a Fall indoors scavenger hunt. Plus, song lessons with the Charlotte Mason method for foreign language!

Geography Notebooking: South America– Use this geography Notebook to explore South America – everything you need to study South America and sharpen your research skills is included. You can use any atlas to create notebooks together as a family – be it a group activity or an independent learning project you will find these notebooking kits useful. Available in three sizes and includes a separate book for Preschool – Grade 2 to trace and color their way through South America! 

Spanish at Cedar Hill The Harvest Educational Math Pack: Math doesn’t have to be boring! Practice Spanish numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions and more with this pack inspired by the time of the fall harvest.

FTLOH Mi ritmo Diario:

This printable will help you introduce a gentle rhythm into your home – in English & Spanish!  Different from a schedule, a rhythm is a less-structured approach to guiding your days. Perfect for those who struggle to follow a more rigid time-based schedule, the My Daily Rhythm printable allows for planning your days by breaking them into the following sections: Morning, Mid-Morning, Mid-Day, Afternoon, Early Evening and Evening. Under each section is space for you to record the things that you would like to accomplish. 

Includes: * 2 pre-filled rhythms * 2 Blank Rhythms with headings * 1 blank watercolor rainbow template

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No problem. Let us help you! We have created an e-book that will organize the resources of this bundle in a uniquely and thoughtfully; that way you can get the most value out of the resources! You will have a guide that will show you all the resources so you can find what you are wanting to use with your students in a simple and fast way.

Are you ready to embark on a year (and beyond!) of rich Spanish language education? Then, click the link below to purchase this deal. But, of course, once it’s gone, you will never see it again at this fantastic price, so we hope you take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we hope these resources bless your Spanish journeys!

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