All about frogs- a unit study with a side of Spanish


Learn about these fascinating creatures with this mini-unit. Practice essential reading, writing, and math concepts while learning and reviewing a lot of Spanish vocabulary!


Learn about these fascinating creatures with this mini-unit. This 28-page downloadable file will receive colorful pages filled with information about frogs.

  • Learn about the life cycle of a frog and information about each stage
  • Parts of the frog
  • Reading and writing practice include a traditional fable written by famous Colombian writer Rafael Pombo, an acrostic poem, and some handwriting practice to practice writing while memorizing essential concepts.
  • Math practice included! Measure the tadpoles with a ruler, play with fractions and subtract to solve the facts.
  • We have even included a fun board game!

This file is bilingual. Bilingual in the sense that the entire document that you receive will be written in English as well as in English. We create bilingual units for families interested in learning and preserving the Spanish language but might need aid in the directions, which is why we take the time to translate the document fully.


If you are interested in the Spanish-only version, check it out here.


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