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This unit study is exceptional because it is my country of origin. I enjoyed choosing the topics of study and activities for the students. This is the first in a series of unit studies based on geography and world culture. Our first stop is Colombia in South America, where we will cover interesting, exciting, and fun topics. We will focus on a gentle and diverse immersion, considering that our objective is that this guide can be used with students of different ages and in a family-style setting. However, if desired, this guide can fit in a co-op or school setting. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a different license. We would appreciate that.

The texts of this unit have been completely translated. The idea is to provide advanced students and educators more opportunities to practice reading in Spanish and become more informed as they can grasp more significant concepts and information. We recommend only printing the activity pages and reading the rest on the computer or an electronic tablet. This way, you will reduce paper use and be able to archive all your study units in a secure digital place.

I hope your family enjoys it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

When you purchase, you will receive a 46-page PDF, including the following:


  • ¿Dónde está Colombia?/Where is Colombia?
  • La bandera de Colombia/The colombian flag 
  • Datos interesantes/Interesting facts 
  • Animales unicos/ unique animals
  • Colombia está dividida por Regiones/Divided by Regions
  • La leyenda del Dorado/ el Dorado Legend
  • Mitos y leyendas actividad/ Legends and myths activity
  • Arte Inca / Inca art
  • Tu eres un artista tambien/ You are an artist too, activity
  • Conección de arte:Fernando Botero/Art connection: Fernando Botero
  • Actividad extras / extra activities

In addition to the above, you will receive:

  • Places to visit in Colombia: Bilingual flashcards.
  • Audio guide QR code recorded by a Native Spanish speaker.
  • And External links to fun and interesting videos that complement this guide.

Happy Learning!

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Esta unidad de estudio es muy especial porque está relacionada con mi país de origen. Disfruté eligiendo temas de estudio y actividades para los estudiantes. Esta es la primera de una serie de unidades de estudio basadas en geografía y cultura mundial. Nuestra primera parada es Colombia en América del Sur donde cubriremos temas interesantes, apasionantes y divertidos. Nos enfocaremos en una inmersión gentil y diversa, considerando que nuestro objetivo es que esta unidad de estudio pueda ser utilizada con estudiantes de diferentes edades y en un ambiente familiar. Sin embargo, ¡puede encajar en una cooperativa o en un entorno escolar si lo desea! Asegurate de contactarnos para obtener una licencia diferente!

Los textos de esta unidad han sido completamente traducidos y la idea es proporcionar oportunidades para que estudiantes mas avanzados y los educadores practiquen lectora en Español y se puedan informar con mas profundidad.Le recomendamos que solo imprima las paginas de actividades y el resto las lean en el computador o una tableta electronica. Asi reducira el uso de papel y podra archivar todos sus unidades de estudia en un lugar seguro digital.

Espero que la disfruten tanto como nosotros disfrutamos creandola y espero que la familia entera esté incluida!


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1 review for Geography Series: Colombia

  1. Shannon

    We have loved using our Colombia Unit by Spanish at Cedar Hill. My kids loved hearing the introductions to the many aspects of Colombian cultural. I loved the range of topics that included aspects of the indigenous culture, African heritage, and European colonial history. There are great visuals for animals, food, sites around Colombia, and art, and even QR codes to Youtube videos to learn about a traditional dance. We were prompted to color map regions, write our own poems after hearing Spanish poems, design art inspired by Colombian artists, and more. Overall, we really appreciated learning about Colombia through this unit and I look forward to using their resources again.

    • spanishatcedarhill

      Thank you for this review! We are so happy your family enjoyed the study guide. It means a lot that you took the time to review our product- thanks again!

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