Our World Bilingual Flashcards PRINTED VERSION (Pre-order)


Our World Bilingual Cards with pronunciation video included are a set of 61 cards inspired on earth preservation! Each card consists of an alphabet letter with a coordinated word, a definition, and an activity suggestion for families to enjoy!


You will receive these beautiful cards directly in your mailbox! Pre-order now and get them in time for Earth Day! Pst, is is April 22nd, in case you were wondering 🙂

Our World Bilingual Cards were designed to create intentionality about our planet while learning Spanish vocabulary! Each card can be printed double-sided. The front of the card includes a letter of the Spanish alphabet, with a coordinated watercolor illustration and an example word in both English and Spanish. The back of the card includes a definition for the term and our favorite part: a task or activity suggestion! We want to provide families with practical ideas on how to help care for our planet together. We hope these become part of your regular learning days and are reviewed often throughout the year.

You will find a video with the proper pronunciation for each card, recorded by Dayana, a native Spanish speaker from Colombia, South America.


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