Pajaros: A unit study with a side of Spanish


We designed this study to be used in a family setting, which includes activities for kids of all ages. Learn basic information, explore some fascinating facts about North American birds, and enjoy learning, researching, and studying birds outdoors with the family!


Have your kids ever asked you questions like:

🦢“What’s the smallest bird in the U.S?”
🦢“Which bird has the longest wing span?”
🦢“What’s the tallest bird?”

The little ones will learn basic important and fun information; older ones will learn new and fascinating facts and concepts like conservation, climate change, and more.  And everyone will get a chance to practice their Español as this unit is 100% translated, so you can pick and choose where to add the language learning element!

This study is designed to be used in a family setting, which includes activities for kids of all ages!

Here is what this 57-page digital file includes:

  • Anatomia de un pajaro/ Bird anatomy
  • Ciclo de Vida de un Pajaro/bird’s life cycle
  • Que es un pájaro?/ What is a bird?
  • Plumas/Feathers
  • Picos/ Beaks
  • Patas/ Legs and feet
  • State birds of the U.S
  • Aves Nacionales de America Latina/ National birds of Latin America
  • Pajaros de Nosrte America/ North American birds
  • Datos interesantes sobre las aves de América del Norte/ Interesting facts about North American Birds
  • Términos importantes para la conservacion de aves.
  • Pájaros de America/ Birds of America
  • “¡Quiero que mis pájaros se vean vivos!”/ “I want my birds to look alive!”
  • Eres un (a) artista!/ You are an artist!
  • Paquete de actividades/Activity pack

Researching for this unit was delightful, and we hope this hands-on 𝐛𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐥 unit study brings joy and sparks the desire to explore our feathered friends more in-depth.

Happy learning – ¡Feliz aprendizaje!


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