Reading and Writing Curriculum (PRINTED COPY)


PRINTED COPY We have designed this resource for parents who want to start incorporating Spanish reading and writing into learning days with their children. Beginners and Bilinguals alike! A reading-writing folder for the early years. 


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”-Nelson Mandela.

The Spanish at Cedar Hill Reading and Writing Binder®:  Introduce beginner and bilingual children to the Spanish language in a simple, fun, and gentle way. A guide that covers the Spanish alphabet phonetical sounds; helps students understand how Spanish is a vocalic language; introduces the concept of letter blending and syllable distinction and reading simple phrases; and provides a fun way for families to review foundational concepts learned!

In this colorful and complete 126-page document, you will find:

  • A letter to the educator
  • A weekly sample guide on how to use this binder
  • A QR code with pronunciation and an external link for more alphabet practice
    Vowel section: with fun activities to help the student grasp and understand Spanish as a vocalic language.
  • Alphabet Section: including sound recognition, writing, and reading practice.
  • Activities and games Section: Find a series of picture dictionaries, bingo games, traditional rhymes and songs, and a list of bilingual books related to the Spanish alphabet!

***This listing is for the bilingual version of this resource, meaning the instructions and initial part of the file is in English, but it is designed to teach children to read and write in Spanish. The instructor reads the directions in English, understands the activity, and then decides how to instruct the student to perform the activity.

***This listing is for the spiral-bound printed version of this guide, which will include shipping and will be sent to you via USPS media mail. USA only***

If you are interested in the Spanish version of this resource, please check it out here.

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Happy Learning!

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