Woodland Animals-Unit Study


In this unit, you will find interesting information
about forests, beautiful illustrations that will catch your child’s attention, and lots of Spanish practice!


My unit studies are designed for your child to be immersed in learning Spanish while the child enjoys learning about a topic of interest. This method helps the child drift focus from language learning to the fun topic. A generous amount of Spanish vocabulary will be learned without even noticing.

This unit study is also designed in hopes to support bilingual families who want to preserve their Spanish heritage but have a hard time finding quality material to teach their children about fun nature topics in Spanish.

This downloadable 23-page unit includes:

  • Forest definition (Sp/Eng)
  • Forest Layers (Sp/Eng)
  • Woodland animals vocab (Sp/Eng)
  • Parts of a tree trunk (Sp/Eng)
  • Writing activities
  • Ten frames for math practice

I hope this unit sparks your child’s curiosity for the forest and all its splendor plus the Spanish language!

This unit has English and Spanish components. Every page in English is also translated into Spanish and its target age is kids with an entry-level of Spanish knowledge or k-6.

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