Our Story

We started creating bilingual material as the Cedar Hill family opened the doors of their home for Dayana to teach Spanish Immersion classes to the homeschooling community in South East Minnesota. At the same time, Dayana felt a sense of relief to have material to use with her children and share with friends interested in learning or practicing their Spanish.

As we see our small shop flourish and turn from a dream to a reality, we realize the important task we have under our belts. We feel committed to bringing didactic and beautiful products to families interested in pursuing Spanish as their second language and creating fun products to use and support each family’s bilingual journey.

We officially registered our business at the beginning of 2021 as “Spanish at Cedar Hill, LLC.” and as we continue to work hard, we will keep updating our product list to hopefully keep your children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for the language going!

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Here you will find all our bilingual products. Currently all our products are sold digitally for you to print at home.

We have three main categories:

1. The basics like our morning binder for preschoolers, and our teacher’s planner with Spanish teaching focus.

2. Nature inspired resources like our bees and woodland animals’ unit studies.

3. Unique resources like out tropical fruits and our gardening unit study.

We hope you can find some things you were looking for, but also feel free to give something new a try!

Please contact us with questions or to request edits at

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Showing 1–12 of 44 results