Spanish at Cedar hill Book Report Program


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In efforts to promote reading out loud in Spanish and to work on comprehension, vocabulary, and sentence structure, We will embark on a new book monthly; and we will provide a vocabulary list, a brief summary of the book, and a copy of Spanish at cedar hill’s book report worksheet. We will include one book per skill level, keeping in mind that we want to provide an activity to stretch learners in a positive and gentle way.

You only have to find the book, have access to a printer and enjoy reading with your kids!


Every month! You will receive three options to choose from:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Keep in mind that we are not going by age group, instead we will take this by skill level; that way every kiddos can go at his/her own pace. We want to stretch learning in a positive and gentle way to keep moving forward in their bilingual journey!

Access below the reports available:

Year 2022

September’s Book Report File

October’s Book Report File (Activities Included!)

November’s Book Report File (Activities Included!)

December’s Book Report File (Activities Included!)

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