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New product

Hello friend!

Today I have a short and sweet-VERY SWEET message to share. Basically I want to introduce you to my new unit study! A comprehensive guide on Tropical fruits where the focus is for your child will put his/her senses to work while experiencing all the new textures, smells, flavors and more.

Included you will find basic but interesting information about tropical fruits, what makes them “tropical” where do we find them, a climate zone map and more.

You will also find a two-page poster with the names of some of the best tropical fruits. I tried to keep it somewhat “common” that way you can still try to find them at your local supermarket, because this fun guide works best if you are able to find some of these fruits and try them.

I included a couple fun STEM activities including a science experiment, math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions) You will find math activities for K-5th grade that way everyone can join in the fun!

To work in some LA you will find a couple tracing activities for the little ones, handwriting for writing siblings a crossword puzzle, a poem and more!

As a bonus am sharing a booklist that will tie beautifully with this unit.

Available in Spanish and English and after purchase you will receive a 33-page PDF file that you can save on your computer and use it for years to come!

Would you like to take a look?

Feel free to heck it out here

If you decide to try it, and take the time to leave us a review, I will send you a bonus coupon that you can redeem in my shop as a way of saying thank you. We all know reviews are EVERYTHING nowadays 🙂

Happy learning!!

Dayana ♥

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Bee Week + Spanish Enrichment Study

You can purchase the bee unit study and more on the link below:

– Thank you for trying my resources!

Hey sweet friends, I don’t know you but the kids and I are having a blast with bee week.

We are tagging along with the #ENWChoneybeeweek for #explorenaturewithchildren and it’s been really fun to see all the amazing resources that you can find out there in the wonderful world of creative mamas in Instagram.

On Monday

We watched a couple fun videos that we found in my friend Lynn’s blog from @raisinglittleshoots . Did you know that once nectar is turned into pollen inside the bee’s stomach, the bee vomits it in the moth of another bee?! (I thought that was gross and interesting!) 🙂

I had to add arts and crafts to whatever it is we are learning so I gathered a couple different types of bird seeds and other pantry items (Hello old popcorn kernels forgotten in the back!)

I thought it was so fun how each kiddo came up with their own design for their bees. This one here is the one my oldest created.

On Tuesday we read lots of book about bees and learned how to differentiated bees from wasps and different places where bees make their homes. Here are a couple of the books that we read. I might receive a little commission if you purchase through my links. To purchase the following books scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Thank you!

  • La vida de una Abeja by Dona Herweck Rice.
  • Jorge el curioso Un hogar para las abejas/Curious Geore A Home for Honeybees by H. A. Rey.
  • Kaia y las abejas by Maribeth Boelts.

Today is Wednesday!

On Wednesdays we find different, easy, healthy and fun recipes to spend some time cooking together! The kids really look forward to it. Today we made the most delicious no-bake granola bars. It was only fitting since they have a honey base!


Here is the recipe 🙂

This is what we will be working on the rest of the week:

I designed a Unit Study that incorporates Spanish while studies our busy friends.

You can see it in detail here

But here is a preview of what’s included:

Additional links for an Amazing week of learning 🙂

I would love to hear from you and if you decide to purchase my files please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Have an idea in mind of a unit study that combines Spanish, do let me know!

Thanks for reading and remember…

You can purchase the books mentioned above by clicking on the images below. I have them linked to my Amazon list of recommended.