What people say

Dayana is currently taking a break from teaching Spanish Immersion classes at her home while her house undergoes some renovations but here are some reviews she has received in the past about her classes.

Find also one of the kind reviews she received for one of her bilingual unit studies:

“We love Maestra Dayana! My kiddos have been taking her Spanish class for a few years now and we highly recommend her class. She makes learning fun and engaging for the kids by incorporating lots of games, music, and creative hands-on activities. She challenges them but is also sensitive to each child’s limit and is willing to work one-on-one with those who need it. My children KNOW that she truly cares about them and I especially appreciate this about her. We love Maestra Dayana!”

Jana Pecinovsky

“I highly recommend Dayana’s Spanish Immersion classes. My 7-year-old daughter is homeschooled and has enjoyed these classes for a couple of years now. Dayana makes learning a language fun and interactive experience. My daughter continues to choose this class as a favorite for her elective activities. As a parent, I’ve been impressed with her progress in pronunciation. Learning Spanish from a native speaker has helped her learn phonetics better in her childhood than in learning languages in high school and college. We’re blessed to have the opportunity for our child to learn Spanish from Maestra Dayana!”

Shari Therneau

“I highly recommend their unit studies! I got your unit through the bundle and think you did an amazing job! As a native Spanish speaker, I get weary of getting super basic Spanish material for my super fluent kid. I think this unit can satisfy both, the native speakers and the kids learning as a second language. Great job @cedar_hill_kids_homeschool!

Instagram customer