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This blog is inspired by our sweet little children . You can see all of our adventures on my Instagram page or in Facebook. We truly enjoy our time together and we hope you can join us on the beautiful journey of raising children

You will soon find out that our homeschool is very eclectic with an emphasis in Charlotte Mason, Classical, and Wild+Free methodologies.

Morning hike

What is our goal?

  • To raise children that love Jesus, Nature, Books and Art!
  • To learn how to get along, how to give and receive grace, how to have daily acts of kindness with one another, and how to have a positive attitude so we can make the most out of each day together.
  • For me and Erik to learn from our children to be resilient, to be patient, and to be still.

And the goal of this space is to tell our story, to meet people that share similar views, learn from those who have different ones and to share with you a word of encouragement, helpful tips, fun ideas, material that we love and of course Bilingual Education!!

We are taking what we are saying seriously. We want to connect, hear your ideas, listen to your advice, and create a community whose goal is to invest in the future of our children, so lets connect.

We hope we can meet a lot of homeschooling families through this space and most importantly create friendships along the way!

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