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Learn more about my Spanish Immersion classes

¡Hola! Are you located in Rochester, MN?- I have a great opportunity waiting for you and your family!

Bring your elementary and middle school-age kids to join my Spanish class.

I am a native Spanish speaking homeschooling mom, born and raised in Colombia (South America) but moved to the U.S in 2007. I came to this country to learn English but found love on the way!

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we will meet and have fun while we practice Spanish. I will be using the curriculum that I have been putting together through all the years of tutoring and teaching Spanish to kids at the elementary level.

I was a Spanish teacher for Futura Language Professionals for almost 3 years and worked for almost 3 years as a bilingual teacher for Tri-valley Opportunity Council. In addition to these, I have worked for 10+ years as a translator and for different hospitals as a medical interpreter.

Each week, we will have a fun and different topic (Farm, Shapes, Greetings, etc.). I like to make my lessons very practical and interactive. There will be singing, acting, playing games, story-time and, crafts. All while incorporating the Spanish language.

Your kids will get first hand immersion so that means they will learn the best pronunciation possible and I like to keep the group small for each class which means they will get a lot of undivided attention. We will slowly work our way up to a Spanish conversation type of class and I am planning to have extra events where parents can join us as well!

If you would like to see what my class is all about, be sure to check our FB group here

I have 4 options for you:

  1. Level 1: Class is designed for students that are new to Spanish or the following: Recognize numbers, alphabet, colors, shapes, greetings, body parts, and opposites. We will study the Alphabet, numbers 1-100, greetings, shapes, parts of the body, farm animals and, colors and more.
  2. Level 2: Class is designed for students with basic Spanish knowledge (see Level 1). Child is also able to read and write in English. We will study alphabet, numbers 100-1000000, the rest of level 1 topics plus continents, time, city, parts of the house and transportation. Child is able to read and write in English
  3. Level 3: Class is designed for students that have completed Level 1, Level 2 (or equivalent), have previous Spanish knowledge, and is able to read and write in English in a more advanced way). We will also study:
  • Grammatical rules.
  • Speaking in full sentences (beginner’s Spanish conversation).
  • Expanding his/her vocabulary to more complex topics.
  1. After-school class: This is an option for kids that attend a school or don’t want to interrupt the regular school rhythm at home. This class combines Level 1 and level 2.

Classes meet every Tuesday morning (8:30-9:30, 10-11 am), afternoon (4-5 pm) and Wednesday afternoon (4 – 5 pm)

The class is $15/hour and you pay by the month during the first class of each month (cash or check is accepted). If interested in any of these for your kiddos, please fill out the following form.

¡Muchas gracias!

Maestra Dayana 🙂

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